Boston Kitchen Remodeling Company Reviews

Boston Kitchen Remodeling Company Reviews

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen you need to know that the company that you choose to remodel your kitchen has a history of doing a great job remodeling. You want to make sure that they have done kitchens that are similar in scope and design to the one you want to be built.

Remodeling a kitchen has many different components so it is important that you find someone who has experience dealing with the many and varied contractors that will contribute to the building of your kitchen. There are many systems that need attention such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, countertops, architecture, design, flooring, tile, appliances to name a few.

Boston kitchen remodeling company reviews can be helpful in choosing a general contractor, a company, or a person who can oversee the job.

Because of the importance of the general contractor role, we recommend that you check the many review sites out there for contractors, contracting companies, and kitchen remodelers. Sites like AngiesList, HomeAdvisor, Networx, Thumbtack and can help you check out Boston Kitchen Remodeling Company Reviews. You can also check local or MA state license sites to make sure that they are licensed and that there are no complaints.

By taking the time to check out your contractors you can avoid both the hassle of dealing with incompetence and prevent getting ripped off. We specialize in the fabrication and installation of kitchen cabinets and cabinet doors for those cabinets. Feel free to contact us for a kitchen remodeling quote at 781-325-8186.

Boston Kitchen Remodeler Shares The Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Boston Kitchen Remodeler Shares Remodeling Ideas For Your Kitchen

Boston Kitchen Remodeler

For many people, the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. For those who love to cook and entertain, it is a sacred place where they can lose their self in their cooking and make creations that nurture the body and the soul.


Obviously, you want your kitchen to be a place that is both functional as well as a place where people can congregate and hang out. You want it to be inviting, comfortable, and as inspiring as possible.  Here are some ideas to help make your kitchen your go to place in the home.


Create Your Vision

You need to begin your project by imagining what the space might look like when it is done. For some people, this is easy, but for most of us, it helps to get ideas and inspiration by looking at pictures or by going to showrooms. There are many online sites like ,,, and  You can also go to kitchen showrooms to get some ideas. Many big box stores like Ikea and Home Depot, have kitchen showrooms where you can see some model kitchens. You can begin to note special features, colors, cabinet styles, lighting, countertops, and appliances.


Decide On Budget Then Make A List

Think about what your budget is going to be on the remodeling project. Once you know this- you can then decide on what specifically you’d like to remodel. Costs can quickly add up so you will need to decide which are “must have” items and which are “would like to have” items. We suggest making a list for these items as well because unexpected construction costs may cause you to remove some items from your list.



Once you begin to do some research, you will discover the possibilities are pretty much endless. For example, you can decide if you want an eat-in kitchen, a breakfast nook, an island, a built-in desk, as well as what types of kitchen features you’d like. Then there are features like double ovens, dishwasher in a drawer, island cooktops, full extension drawers, pot racks, deep drawers, utensil racks, pull out trash and recycling, built-in refrigerator, warming drawers, glass doors, and the list goes on. Take our advice and make it as functional as possible.

Structural versus Cosmetic

When it comes to remodeling, the less you have to do to change the physical layout of the room and any adjoining rooms-the lower your remodeling cost will be. You will be surprised how much you can do to improve your kitchen without moving or tearing down walls. We know that many people want an “open concept” kitchen, so if that describes you- then be prepared to open your wallet accordingly.

Hire A Kitchen Designer

Someone with experience who designs kitchens for a living can really help you make the most out of the space and save you money by measuring correctly and planning it right the first time. We cannot underestimate the importance of proper measurement of the space as every aspect of the final kitchen from cost to layout depends on the measurements being exact.

Get Quotes

When getting quotes for remodeling services get several quotes from several remodelers as these estimates can vary greatly.  In order to compare vendors be as specific as possible on what you want to do and what is included in the estimate.  Get it in writing! Determine if you are going to go with a custom build or want to purchase pre-made items. It is easy for home remodel projects to spiral out of control so be realistic about how much you can afford. Learn about the cost of a kitchen remodel here.

Need a Quote?  Contact Us

If you’d like some help with design, build, and installation of your kitchen remodeling project-send us an email or give us a call at 781-325-8186 and we’ll be glad to help.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Boston MA

Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Boston MA

Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Boston MA

Okay, so you are planning on remodeling your kitchen but don’t know where to start. Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Boston MA will show you the secrets of success.

The Best Remodeling Secrets Of Our Customers

Here’s What Our Clients Typically Do To Get Started:

  • Begin to look at appliances.
  • Call in a kitchen designer to help plan the space. They can take measurements, and give you drawings of the space so you can begin to see the possibilities.

kitchen remodelers

  • Go on websites like Pinterest, Houzz, lowes, bhg, and diynetwork for ideas and inspiration.
  • Figure out your budget and scope of work.
  • Ask friends, family, and others who have remodeled who might be good kitchen remodeling contractors.
  • If no known contractors are recommended, search sites like Angie’s List or Homeadvisor. Check ratings of remodelers to insure satisfaction with their work, adherence to timeframes, pricing, etc on those sites as well as the Better Business Bureau and local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Check to make sure the remodeler has all required licenses and insurance.
  • Get an estimate(s) to make sure their quote is in line with your budget. You may need to adjust your budget, or eliminate some items.
  • Review kitchen design schematic with contractor/builder to insure measurements are correct. This is often an area of problems especially when appliance dimensions are incorrectly calculated.
  • Also, if electrical or plumbing work needs to be done- ideally you want these folks to talk with each other or review plans to make sure the specifications on the build/cabinets, walls, countertops, etc. allow for electrical or plumbing space needed.
  • Visit kitchen showrooms and other kitchen products vendors to decide on designs, colors, materials needed. Check out our kitchen remodeling projects page for ideas.
  • Visit appliance and kitchen fixture dealers and purchase any needed appliances or fixtures. Your contractor sometimes has relationships with these vendors which might enable you to get a discount.
  • Oversee the project and point out any punch list issues as soon as possible so that the contractor can fix things quickly. Because oftentimes one part of the job getting done depends on another part-the longer you wait to bring up an issue, the longer and more costly it might be to address any issues.

With proper planning and by choosing the best Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Boston MA, you will have the kitchen of your dreams.

If we can be of any assistance on your next project-just email us, give us a call at 781-325-8186. 





Refacing vs New Cabinets

We have many people inquiring about whether they should reface their existing cabinets or just buy new ones so we decided to provide some guidance for homeowners. They consider the choice of Refacing vs New Cabinets.

post IMAG1280

Reface vs. Replace with New Cabinet Doors

The decision on whether to reface should take into consideration the  following factors:

  1. How large the kitchen is
  2. The condition of the existing cabinets
  3. Whether you want a new style and color of kitchen cabinets and doors
  4. Whether you want to add more usable space
  5. Whether you want to add some special kitchen features that won’t work with existing cabinets


We recommend you seek the help of an experienced kitchen remodeler to discuss your kitchen goals. A designer can help you make the best use of the space possible and add features such as slide-out drawers, spice drawers, slide-out garbage pails, hideaway sponges, easy closing drawers, etc.

To speak with a kitchen consultant- give us a call at 781-325-8186

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Boston

Not All Kitchen Cabinets Are The Same!


Why are custom cabinets better than pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets?

custom kitchen cabinets boston

Custom cabinets are usually made better than the cabinets that big box stores sell but it really depends on the quality of the wood and other cabinet materials used by the manufacturer and their skill in building the cabinets. Typically, custom cabinets are made better for these reasons.

We have seen many homeowners coming to us for repair or replacement of kitchen cabinets that have warped, cracked, or disintegrated due to contact with moisture or water. This may be the case because many pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets are made from pressed particle or fiberboard.

Another reason people prefer custom kitchen cabinets is because the prefab cabinets contain chemicals such as formaldehyde which is toxic to humans and has been linked to cancer as well as long-term respiratory problems. Custom kitchen cabinets by contrast are typically built using some type of hardwood or plywood that doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals or toxic glues.

Custom cabinets also can make the best use of your space both vertically and horizontally so you can maximize the usage of your space. Pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets, are manufactured sometimes by machines in “standard” dimensions so you may not get a good fit, especially in older houses that are not level or where the angles are not exact.

Quality control is often lacking with prefab cabinets so you may waste time and have to deal with the hassle of shipping and waiting for replacements. Custom kitchen cabinet makers will often have several people who will check the cabinets for quality.

Custom kitchen cabinet makers use higher quality hardware such as hinges because they know if there is a problem they will have to fix it.

Having a local kitchen cabinet shop is just a great idea for these reasons. Shops like ours will stand behind their work and you get a quality job without the hassle.

custom kitchen cabinet doors

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen visit our Boston showroom by setting up a time at 781-325-8186 or email us.

Note that we are one of the best kitchen remodelers in Boston, and now provides cabinet doors only for our kitchen remodeling and kitchen refacing clients.

Best Kitchen Renovators Near Me

Best Kitchen Renovators Near Me

If you search the keyword term best kitchen renovators near me we hope that we come up listed in your search.

If you are reading this article-it is probably because we showed up in a search or you found us on a social media site like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

One of the main reasons we showed up is because we are the best kitchen renovators in the area. We do not make this claim lightly. The criteria that we use to determine the best kitchen renovators is detailed in this article so you can judge for yourself.

Qualities of the Best Kitchen Renovators

  1. They believe customer service is the #1 priority. We treat our customers with the utmost respect and are honest in all our business dealings. We answer the phone and keep you updated, when needed.
  2. They keep their promises. We demonstrate this every day by delivering on promised production and delivery dates.
  3. They use the highest quality materials. We do not skimp on the quality of wood we use, the amount of time we take to prepare the cabinets and doors, custom countertops, and the finishing of the wood and other products.
  4. They hire talented workers. We are very selective about the quality of the staff people we employ. All our workers believe as we do in providing the best customer service and old fashioned service available.
  5. They take the time to do it right the first time. We take the time to visit the home or job site, answer questions, check and recheck measurements, offer suggestions on ways to maximize the space, improve the design, and add custom detail at the delight of our customers.
  6. They follow up to make sure your are satisfied.  We follow up on all our projects to make sure you are completely satisfied because we care about all our customers and want them to tell others how satisfied they are with us.

So when someone asks you who are the best kitchen renovators near me please think of us!   Email us, or call us at 781-325-8186



Kitchen Remodeling in Boston MA on a Tight Budget


Kitchen Remodeling Boston MA on the Cheap

Remodeling your kitchen in Boston MA can be a major decision but doesn’t have to break the bank. After being in the business for many years we have put together some kitchen remodel ideas for you on how get the best value without sacrificing quality.


One thing to keep in mind when considering kitchen remodeling Boston MA and other locations, is that remodeling your kitchen economically, takes planning. You must plan ahead and do your homework. Planning ahead involves thinking about the best kitchen layout, kitchen door styles, moldings, shelving, wood type, and amenities such as pull out shelves, and lazy susans. There are many things that you can do to increase the value and beauty of your kitchen. These are things that can be done over time, gradually, as your budget allows.
Here are D & G Kitchen Design, Inc. kitchen remodeling tips to add beauty, save time and money:

1.  If your cabinet wood is in fairly good shape then try painting them instead of replacing them

2.  Add cabinets or expand existing cabinets to the ceiling to add more storage room

3.  Add decorative moldings to cabinets and doorways

4.  Add decorative brackets to shelving to add design flair

5.  Add decorative door knobs to enhance detail

6.  Replace blinds, shades, and/or window treatments

7.  Enlarge or add windows to add more light to the kitchen

8.  Replace existing lights with decorative lighting

9.  Re-paint the kitchen walls and/or ceiling

10. Replace the countertops and/or sink

11. Choose cabinet door wood type carefully by checking prices are various wood types

12. Replace or refinish the flooring

13. Add wood panels over appliances

14. Add a backsplash

There are many options for kitchen remodeling in Boston MA and we would suggest shopping around and pricing these before diving in. By making even small changes you are adding to the value and ambiance of your home and it is amazing what small changes can do for a kitchen.

Our Boston kitchen remodeling specialists would be happy to give you further kitchen renovation ideas so feel free to email or call us at 781-325-8186 for a consultation.

Kitchen Design Ideas On A Budget

Kitchen Design Ideas from the Experts


DSCN2221There are many websites with articles on kitchen design ideas on a budget written by home designers. This article is written by people who know how to save you money on kitchen design because we work with customers, and builders, every day, to make the cabinets and other components, so we know the true cost of kitchen design.
We have worked on a lot of kitchens over the years. So we thought we would give you some ideas to help with kitchen design on a budget.

Do A Cabinet Makeover

You can add functionality and a new design to your existing kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen and therefore need to reflect the tone you want to set for the entire space. You can replace or refinish your existing cabinet doors, with the goal of obtaining the look and feel of new cabinets. Options such as slide-out breadbaskets and shelving can add to the functionality of the cabinets. You may also be able to add cabinets to your existing space or increase cabinet size to get more functionality out of them.

Choose Your Hardware Carefully

Spruce up cabinets by adding new knobs or handles. Another option is to spray paint existing hardware, which, if done correctly, can make old kitchen cabinet knobs or pulls look new. We suggest a primer and coat of paint or two depending on the color of the original knobs.
Replace Shades, And/Or Window Treatments

Shades and window treatments can make a huge difference in the look of a kitchen. Look at company window treatment options on sites like and visit local decorating stores to get ideas.

Choose A Fresh Color Scheme

You will want to choose a color scheme that expresses your personal style, but also one that you think will be around for years to come. Be aware that very personal color tastes may “make a statement” but quite possibly will affect the ability of the home to sell. Take the time to look at home improvement websites, home decorating magazines, and local kitchen remodeling showrooms for ideas and inspiration.

Consider Replacing Or Adding Lighting And/Or A Ceiling Fan

It always amazes us how homeowners react when they see new lighting or a ceiling fan they have chosen installed in their kitchen. Such a small investment always seems to make a huge difference in the look and feel of a space that you spend so much time in.

Consider Replacing Or Refinishing Your Countertop

There are various options for replacing or refinishing countertops depending on your existing or desired countertop type and size.

Consider Adding A Backsplash To Your Countertop

For a decorative appeal, many homeowners choose to add a backsplash to accent cabinets or walls.

Consider Adding Crown Molding If You Do Not Already Have It

For a decorative, finished look, adding crown molding can make a huge difference in transforming a kitchen space.

By making just some of these home design changes you can truly have a home that makes you happy, is more functional, is easier to sell, and ultimately is worth more when you go to sell it.

If you’d like more home design ideas, just email, or give us a call at 781-325-8186.

Cabinet Refacers vs DIY Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen Cabinets Need Refacing? DIY or Hire Cabinet Refacers

Kitchen Cabinet refacing can be an inexpensive, quick way to bring a remodeled look to your kitchen. A growing number of new homeowners are refacing their kitchen cabinets and replacing their cabinet doors rather than remodeling their kitchen, due to the lower cost, higher resale value for their home, and quick turnaround time compared to remodeling their kitchen.

Why Refacing is a Great Idea

Whether you are a new homeowner looking to do-it-yourself, a realtor helping a homeowner to add value or make the home sell quicker, or a home stager getting the home ready for sale, refacing kitchen cabinets will more than pay for itself and is a good investment to deal with outdated cabinets and cabinet doors that could be a deal-breaker when selling a home.

DIY Kitchen Refacing

Refacing kitchen cabinet doors can be a DIY job for some people, but many others prefer to have a professional with cabinet making, woodworking, and/or installation skills do the work. 

 The Refacing Project

The refacing project involves choosing the look you want, wood type, and finish for the doors, and drawer fronts. If you want to change the hardware, you will need to choose hardware that appeals to you and complements the style of the kitchen cabinet door. There are many options for veneers or laminates that will match or complement the kitchen cabinet doors you choose.

Before You Reface

Before you decide to reface, we recommend that you check the condition of the kitchen cabinets to make sure that they are in good shape before you invest the time and money on new cabinet doors. You also want to make sure they can support new hinges if you decide to change the hinges.

Adding Kitchen Cabinet Features

One of the reason people remodel or reface their kitchen is to add some of the newest kitchen features such as pull out shelves, bread baskets, spice racks, wine racks, roll trays, cutting boards, lazy-susans, pull out trash cans, chef’s pantrys and recycling centers.

Getting Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

To get ideas, you can view our selection of kitchen cabinet doors, or check the many websites on kitchen refacing online and let us or your cabinet refacers know what you’d like to order. Since we do all custom work,  our cabinet refacers can create any look, using any wood type, and finish you’d like. You can also come into our showroom and see the vast selection of kitchen cabinet doors that we have displayed and that cabinet refacers find popular. We even allow homeowners and cabinet refacers take them home to see what works best with your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Process

The process of kitchen cabinet refacing is fairly straightforward. It is really just a matter of switching out the kitchen cabinet doors after covering all the visible parts of the frame with a veneer that matches the new cabinet door finish. You can use this refacing method with cabinets that have partial-overlay doors where the face frame is visible, as well as cabinets with full-overlay doors, that have no face frame, and flush-inset doors, on which the face frame is on the same level as the cabinet doors. In either case, you need to be careful when ordering your cabinet doors to make sure that they match the dimensions of the doors you are replacing.

Cost of Cabinet Refacing

As far as the cost of a typical kitchen cabinet refacing project goes-pricing can vary greatly depending on the size of your kitchen, number of cabinets, type of wood used, style of door, and labor rates in your city or town.  It ranges from several thousand to around eight thousand dollars. Most reputable companies will be glad to give you a free estimate.

Cabinet Refacers vs DIY Kitchen Refacing

Because this is such a visible and much lived-in space in the home-we recommend attempting kitchen refacing only if you are a handy person.  If you are going to do it yourself, we suggest that you make sure to purchase extra veneer material for the cabinet face frames because it is important to have a uniform look and each veneer may vary in appearance. If you go with a professional, check references and look at some of the work they’ve done to get ideas. Ask about timeframes and get your quote in writing.

Good Luck with Your Cabinet Refacing Project

Good luck on your kitchen refacing project. Feel free to email us, or call our kitchen refacing company hotline at 781-325-8186 for a free quote, kitchen refacing ideas, or to learn more about our services.

We are Cabinet Refacers who serve the following cities and towns and more:

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Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Boston -Who Are The Best

Best Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Boston

If you are looking for the best kitchen cabinet makers in Boston you first need to know what makes a kitchen cabinet maker the best.

The Best Cabinet Makers

The best cabinet makers have a number of things in common:

  • They have experience making cabinets
  • They have experience working as a woodworker
  • Knowledge of cabinet design
  • Well organized
  • Knowledge of wood types
  • Know how to sand wood well
  • Know how to make a neatly finished product
  • Knowledge of stains and paints
  • Pay attention to detail
  • They take pride in their work

Custom Cabinet Makers

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Kitchen Cabinet Makers

  1. The best Custom kitchen cabinet makers do not use pre-made, low quality cabinets.
  2. They make sure the highest quality materials are used.
  3. They help the home owner make the best use of the space possible.
  4. They take custom measurements.
  5. They choose the best materials.
  6. They cut the materials to exact size.
  7. They help the homeowner to choose the best hinges for the job and explain the various pros and cons of the alternatives.
  8. They provide installation services so the Homeowner doesn’t need to hire additional people.

It’s Not Rocket Science But It Does Pay To Work With The Best

Many of our clients have bought kitchen cabinets from the big box stores only to find out that they don’t last. What they thought would be a one-time investment ended up not to be, and they come in with broken cabinet doors needing repair, hinges that break or get work out, and report cabinets made of particleboard and staples are disintegrating, or give off a bad odor.

We help our customers by providing custom kitchen cabinets because we are the best kitchen cabinet makers in Boston.

We have been supplying many of the Boston builders, and Boston Massachusetts home construction companies in the area with kitchen cabinet and kitchen cabinet doors for many years so have the experience to help homeowners and builders remodel kitchens.

We take pride in our work and stand behind all our kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors.

Whether you choose us to help with your custom cabinet doors or someone else- make sure that they meet the standards mentioned above, take pride in their projects, and stand behind their work.

Note that we are one of the best kitchen remodelers in Greater Boston, and now provides cabinet doors only for our kitchen remodeling and kitchen refacing clients.