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Not All Kitchen Cabinets Are The Same!


Why are custom cabinets better than pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets?

custom kitchen cabinets boston

Custom cabinets are usually made better than the cabinets that big box stores sell but it really depends on the quality of the wood and other cabinet materials used by the manufacturer and their skill in building the cabinets. Typically, custom cabinets are made better for these reasons.

We have seen many homeowners coming to us for repair or replacement of kitchen cabinets that have warped, cracked, or disintegrated due to contact with moisture or water. This may be the case because many pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets are made from pressed particle or fiberboard.

Another reason people prefer custom kitchen cabinets is because the prefab cabinets contain chemicals such as formaldehyde which is toxic to humans and has been linked to cancer as well as long-term respiratory problems. Custom kitchen cabinets by contrast are typically built using some type of hardwood or plywood that doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals or toxic glues.

Custom cabinets also can make the best use of your space both vertically and horizontally so you can maximize the usage of your space. Pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets, are manufactured sometimes by machines in “standard” dimensions so you may not get a good fit, especially in older houses that are not level or where the angles are not exact.

Quality control is often lacking with prefab cabinets so you may waste time and have to deal with the hassle of shipping and waiting for replacements. Custom kitchen cabinet makers will often have several people who will check the cabinets for quality.

Custom kitchen cabinet makers use higher quality hardware such as hinges because they know if there is a problem they will have to fix it.

Having a local kitchen cabinet shop is just a great idea for these reasons. Shops like ours will stand behind their work and you get a quality job without the hassle.

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If you are considering remodeling your kitchen visit our Boston showroom by setting up a time at 781-325-8186 or email us.

Note that we are one of the best kitchen remodelers in Boston, and now provides cabinet doors only for our kitchen remodeling and kitchen refacing clients.

Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Boston -Who Are The Best

Best Kitchen Cabinet Makers in Boston

If you are looking for the best kitchen cabinet makers in Boston you first need to know what makes a kitchen cabinet maker the best.

The Best Cabinet Makers

The best cabinet makers have a number of things in common:

  • They have experience making cabinets
  • They have experience working as a woodworker
  • Knowledge of cabinet design
  • Well organized
  • Knowledge of wood types
  • Know how to sand wood well
  • Know how to make a neatly finished product
  • Knowledge of stains and paints
  • Pay attention to detail
  • They take pride in their work

Custom Cabinet Makers

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Kitchen Cabinet Makers

  1. The best Custom kitchen cabinet makers do not use pre-made, low quality cabinets.
  2. They make sure the highest quality materials are used.
  3. They help the home owner make the best use of the space possible.
  4. They take custom measurements.
  5. They choose the best materials.
  6. They cut the materials to exact size.
  7. They help the homeowner to choose the best hinges for the job and explain the various pros and cons of the alternatives.
  8. They provide installation services so the Homeowner doesn’t need to hire additional people.

It’s Not Rocket Science But It Does Pay To Work With The Best

Many of our clients have bought kitchen cabinets from the big box stores only to find out that they don’t last. What they thought would be a one-time investment ended up not to be, and they come in with broken cabinet doors needing repair, hinges that break or get work out, and report cabinets made of particleboard and staples are disintegrating, or give off a bad odor.

We help our customers by providing custom kitchen cabinets because we are the best kitchen cabinet makers in Boston.

We have been supplying many of the Boston builders, and Boston Massachusetts home construction companies in the area with kitchen cabinet and kitchen cabinet doors for many years so have the experience to help homeowners and builders remodel kitchens.

We take pride in our work and stand behind all our kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinet doors.

Whether you choose us to help with your custom cabinet doors or someone else- make sure that they meet the standards mentioned above, take pride in their projects, and stand behind their work.

Note that we are one of the best kitchen remodelers in Greater Boston, and now provides cabinet doors only for our kitchen remodeling and kitchen refacing clients.

The Secrets of The Best Kitchen Cabinet Door Makers

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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Door Makers Tell All!

There really is no secret to making the highest quality, best kitchen cabinet doors. We can tell you all things that can go wrong if you do not buy from the best kitchen cabinet door makers.

Things that can go wrong to a cabinet door include:

Warping, Wear, Cracks, Burns, kitchen grease/oil, Water damage, Poor or Mismatched Finish or Stain.

These problems can be the result of poor manufacturing process/ quality control, accidents, shipping damage (which happens frequently), flooding or roof damage, fire or stove damage.

There are many reasons not to buy from the big box stores and we hear this from our customers all the time that their experience is that the big boxes are so removed from the process and tend to pass the buck, and/or blame the customer for problems with cabinets or cabinet doors and we end up fixing the customer’s problems because the customer simply does not want to deal with them. Not all big box stores are like this so we don’t want to give the impression all are like this- but compared to local shops their record of service after the sale is terrible.

Shops like ours are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Door Makers because we know how to do kitchen cabinet doors right to protect against these problems. We are local, and we no longer ship our doors to avoid all the problems we’ve seen with shipping. We do deliver our doors in New England and many people pick up so they can check them out before they take them home.

Note that we one of the best kitchen remodelers in Boston, and now provides cabinet doors only for our kitchen remodeling and kitchen refacing clients.

So if you are remodeling your kitchen, why not cut out the middle man and deal with the local cabinet shops directly for help before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. We’d be happy to chat with you about your next project. Email us.  Contact us at 781-325-8186.

Boston Custom Cabinet Maker

Do You Need a Boston Custom Cabinet Maker?

custom cabinetry in massachusetts

If you are looking for custom cabinets you simply do not go to the big box stores. You work with a local shop that can help you get what you need when you need it.

A mistake many homeowners and even builders make- is to think that they can special order cabinets and doors from a big box store with no problems. Below, are some reasons why this is not a good idea.

Cabinet Maker in Boston

1. A local shop can check your measurements and design to see if you have maximized the usage of the space, missed something, or a measurement is not right before you order

2. A local cabinet maker can review hinge options

3. A Boston cabinet maker can review cabinet door styles and finishes

4. Your cabinet maker can review crown molding options for your cabinets

5. They can also help you learn about the latest kitchen cabinet designs and features for your kitchen and cabinets

6. Some local custom cabinet makers can also come out to your home or business and take measurements for you, and provide a custom design, to eliminate ordering the wrong size for the space in the home.

7. Your local cabinet maker can also deliver and install for you

We are one of the best kitchen remodelers in Boston, and now provides cabinet doors only for our kitchen remodeling and kitchen refacing clients.

If you are remodeling and need a kitchen design, custom cabinets, or custom cabinet doors-we are your Boston custom cabinet maker of choice so please do not hesitate to email us, or call us for a quote at 781-325-8186.