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Not All Kitchen Cabinets Are The Same!


Why are custom cabinets better than pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets?

custom kitchen cabinets boston

Custom cabinets are usually made better than the cabinets that big box stores sell but it really depends on the quality of the wood and other cabinet materials used by the manufacturer and their skill in building the cabinets. Typically, custom cabinets are made better for these reasons.

We have seen many homeowners coming to us for repair or replacement of kitchen cabinets that have warped, cracked, or disintegrated due to contact with moisture or water. This may be the case because many pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets are made from pressed particle or fiberboard.

Another reason people prefer custom kitchen cabinets is because the prefab cabinets contain chemicals such as formaldehyde which is toxic to humans and has been linked to cancer as well as long-term respiratory problems. Custom kitchen cabinets by contrast are typically built using some type of hardwood or plywood that doesn’t contain hazardous chemicals or toxic glues.

Custom cabinets also can make the best use of your space both vertically and horizontally so you can maximize the usage of your space. Pre-fabricated kitchen cabinets, are manufactured sometimes by machines in “standard” dimensions so you may not get a good fit, especially in older houses that are not level or where the angles are not exact.

Quality control is often lacking with prefab cabinets so you may waste time and have to deal with the hassle of shipping and waiting for replacements. Custom kitchen cabinet makers will often have several people who will check the cabinets for quality.

Custom kitchen cabinet makers use higher quality hardware such as hinges because they know if there is a problem they will have to fix it.

Having a local kitchen cabinet shop is just a great idea for these reasons. Shops like ours will stand behind their work and you get a quality job without the hassle.

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