How To Measure Cabinet Doors

Measuring Kitchen Cabinet Doors and Drawer fronts

Replacing Existing Doors

If you want your new doors and drawer fronts to fit the same way as your old doors, then you can order your new doors and drawer fronts with the same measurements as the old ones that you are replacing.

It is more easy and accurate to measure the old doors that you are replacing from the back of the door.

Replacing New Doors or Kitchen Remodel

For new doors we usually recommend you add 1″ to the width and 1” to the height of your cabinet openings for your kitchen doors and drawer fronts. Measuring it in this way gives you the industry standard 1/2″ overlay on all sides of the opening.

For example, if you decide to overlay 1/2″ of face frame all the way around the perimeter of a door or drawer when that door or drawer is closed, then you would add 1” to the height and width of the door or drawer front opening. If this is done correctly, then when you install the door or drawer front and you center it over the opening- it should overlay the face frame 1/2″ all the way around the perimeter of the opening that it covers.

Of course, if you prefer to increase the size of  height or width of the overlay, you may do so as long as you leave enough room between adjoining doors and drawer fronts so that they can still open and close properly.


How to Measure Double Doors

A cabinet with one door next to the other has both a left and a right door with no center divider or “mullion” between the two doors. Wish this type of door, if you wish to use a 1/2″ overlay on a cabinet with a 30-inch opening, you would add a 1/2″ to each door dimension. Note that you need to maintain a 1/8″ gap between the two doors when they are closed. To that end, you add a 1/2″ to each side and use an adjustment in the hinges to create the gap. For example, you would order two doors both sized 15-1/2″ wide to cover a 30″ wide cabinet opening, leaving a 1/8″ gap in the middle. Note that all cabinet door or drawer measurements are typically cut to the 1/16 of an inch.

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