Kitchen Design Ideas On A Budget

Kitchen Design Ideas from the Experts


DSCN2221There are many websites with articles on kitchen design ideas on a budget written by home designers. This article is written by people who know how to save you money on kitchen design because we work with customers, and builders, every day, to make the cabinets and other components, so we know the true cost of kitchen design.
We have worked on a lot of kitchens over the years. So we thought we would give you some ideas to help with kitchen design on a budget.

Do A Cabinet Makeover

You can add functionality and a new design to your existing kitchen cabinets. The cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen and therefore need to reflect the tone you want to set for the entire space. You can replace or refinish your existing cabinet doors, with the goal of obtaining the look and feel of new cabinets. Options such as slide-out breadbaskets and shelving can add to the functionality of the cabinets. You may also be able to add cabinets to your existing space or increase cabinet size to get more functionality out of them.

Choose Your Hardware Carefully

Spruce up cabinets by adding new knobs or handles. Another option is to spray paint existing hardware, which, if done correctly, can make old kitchen cabinet knobs or pulls look new. We suggest a primer and coat of paint or two depending on the color of the original knobs.
Replace Shades, And/Or Window Treatments

Shades and window treatments can make a huge difference in the look of a kitchen. Look at company window treatment options on sites like and visit local decorating stores to get ideas.

Choose A Fresh Color Scheme

You will want to choose a color scheme that expresses your personal style, but also one that you think will be around for years to come. Be aware that very personal color tastes may “make a statement” but quite possibly will affect the ability of the home to sell. Take the time to look at home improvement websites, home decorating magazines, and local kitchen remodeling showrooms for ideas and inspiration.

Consider Replacing Or Adding Lighting And/Or A Ceiling Fan

It always amazes us how homeowners react when they see new lighting or a ceiling fan they have chosen installed in their kitchen. Such a small investment always seems to make a huge difference in the look and feel of a space that you spend so much time in.

Consider Replacing Or Refinishing Your Countertop

There are various options for replacing or refinishing countertops depending on your existing or desired countertop type and size.

Consider Adding A Backsplash To Your Countertop

For a decorative appeal, many homeowners choose to add a backsplash to accent cabinets or walls.

Consider Adding Crown Molding If You Do Not Already Have It

For a decorative, finished look, adding crown molding can make a huge difference in transforming a kitchen space.

By making just some of these home design changes you can truly have a home that makes you happy, is more functional, is easier to sell, and ultimately is worth more when you go to sell it.

If you’d like more home design ideas, just email, or give us a call at 781-325-8186.