Kitchen Remodeling in Boston MA on a Tight Budget


Kitchen Remodeling Boston MA on the Cheap

Remodeling your kitchen in Boston MA can be a major decision but doesn’t have to break the bank. After being in the business for many years we have put together some kitchen remodel ideas for you on how get the best value without sacrificing quality.


One thing to keep in mind when considering kitchen remodeling Boston MA and other locations, is that remodeling your kitchen economically, takes planning. You must plan ahead and do your homework. Planning ahead involves thinking about the best kitchen layout, kitchen door styles, moldings, shelving, wood type, and amenities such as pull out shelves, and lazy susans. There are many things that you can do to increase the value and beauty of your kitchen. These are things that can be done over time, gradually, as your budget allows.
Here are D & G Kitchen Design, Inc. kitchen remodeling tips to add beauty, save time and money:

1.  If your cabinet wood is in fairly good shape then try painting them instead of replacing them

2.  Add cabinets or expand existing cabinets to the ceiling to add more storage room

3.  Add decorative moldings to cabinets and doorways

4.  Add decorative brackets to shelving to add design flair

5.  Add decorative door knobs to enhance detail

6.  Replace blinds, shades, and/or window treatments

7.  Enlarge or add windows to add more light to the kitchen

8.  Replace existing lights with decorative lighting

9.  Re-paint the kitchen walls and/or ceiling

10. Replace the countertops and/or sink

11. Choose cabinet door wood type carefully by checking prices are various wood types

12. Replace or refinish the flooring

13. Add wood panels over appliances

14. Add a backsplash

There are many options for kitchen remodeling in Boston MA and we would suggest shopping around and pricing these before diving in. By making even small changes you are adding to the value and ambiance of your home and it is amazing what small changes can do for a kitchen.

Our Boston kitchen remodeling specialists would be happy to give you further kitchen renovation ideas so feel free to email or call us at 781-325-8186 for a consultation.