Laminate Countertops Boston MA

Want Kitchen Counter Durability ? Consider Laminate Countertops Boston MA

We help you have the best kitchen for your budget and taste. Many of our customers have asked about whether laminate is a good option for countertops- so we put this article together for you.

Why Laminate?

Laminate is the number one choice for homeowners in the countertop industry.

The reasons this is so are the following:
Laminate is affordable, it resists stains, scratches, moisture, and you can install it right on top of old laminate.
You also save money and time on removal, and Unlike other countertop materials it does not build up bacteria.
And, it can be installed in a day.

Quality Laminate Countertops Boston MA

We are a custom manufacturing and supply company supplying custom-built laminate countertops in Boston MA and surrounding communities in Massachusetts.

We help homeowners and the commercial community with laminate countertops and offer quick turnaround time, a wide selection of colors and styles, as well as quality craftsmanship that has made us one of the best laminate countertop dealers and installers in Boston MA, and beyond.

Custom Work

We provide a custom build to your job specifications, and laminate countertops are available in most major brand laminates such as Formica, Wilsonart, on furniture board, and plywood substrate.


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  • Square edge with or without a loose backsplash
  • Wood edge with or without a loose backsplash

Give us a call with your project measurements at 781-325-8186 and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote over the phone. Or we can come to you, give you some design ideas, take measurements, and even arrange installation for you, for a fee.