Refacing vs New Cabinets

We have many people inquiring about whether they should reface their existing cabinets or just buy new ones so we decided to provide some guidance for homeowners. They consider the choice of Refacing vs New Cabinets.

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Reface vs. Replace with New Cabinet Doors

The decision on whether to reface should take into consideration the  following factors:

  1. How large the kitchen is
  2. The condition of the existing cabinets
  3. Whether you want a new style and color of kitchen cabinets and doors
  4. Whether you want to add more usable space
  5. Whether you want to add some special kitchen features that won’t work with existing cabinets


We recommend you seek the help of an experienced kitchen remodeler to discuss your kitchen goals. A designer can help you make the best use of the space possible and add features such as slide-out drawers, spice drawers, slide-out garbage pails, hideaway sponges, easy closing drawers, etc.

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