The Secrets of The Best Kitchen Cabinet Door Makers

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The Best Kitchen Cabinet Door Makers Tell All!

There really is no secret to making the highest quality, best kitchen cabinet doors. We can tell you all things that can go wrong if you do not buy from the best kitchen cabinet door makers.

Things that can go wrong to a cabinet door include:

Warping, Wear, Cracks, Burns, kitchen grease/oil, Water damage, Poor or Mismatched Finish or Stain.

These problems can be the result of poor manufacturing process/ quality control, accidents, shipping damage (which happens frequently), flooding or roof damage, fire or stove damage.

There are many reasons not to buy from the big box stores and we hear this from our customers all the time that their experience is that the big boxes are so removed from the process and tend to pass the buck, and/or blame the customer for problems with cabinets or cabinet doors and we end up fixing the customer’s problems because the customer simply does not want to deal with them. Not all big box stores are like this so we don’t want to give the impression all are like this- but compared to local shops their record of service after the sale is terrible.

Shops like ours are the Best Kitchen Cabinet Door Makers because we know how to do kitchen cabinet doors right to protect against these problems. We are local, and we no longer ship our doors to avoid all the problems we’ve seen with shipping. We do deliver our doors in New England and many people pick up so they can check them out before they take them home.

Note that we one of the best kitchen remodelers in Boston, and now provides cabinet doors only for our kitchen remodeling and kitchen refacing clients.

So if you are remodeling your kitchen, why not cut out the middle man and deal with the local cabinet shops directly for help before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale. We’d be happy to chat with you about your next project. Email us.¬† Contact us at 781-325-8186.